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Truck Driver Sees UFO in Deming, NM

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Bill Sauter, a local San Diego area truck driver, was on his way back to CA, passing through Deming, New Mexico when he heard talk on his CB radio about an object in the sky. Bill told Channel 10 news in San Diego that he always carries a camcorder with him and so he was able to get footage of the object before, he said to a news 10 reporter, " just picked up speed and, was gone." In the same interview he described it as "...something out there that was not an airplane and wasn't a blimp." He also said: "It looked like a 747 but without wings and without a tail section." The original tape has attracted the attention of "Hard Copy" and was featured by them. MUFON of San Diego will continue the investigation on a local level. So far we have interviewed Mr. Sauter and begun analysis of the tape and hope to get a better enhancement in the coming weeks. The first results from MUFONs experts are that it is a disc shaped object that appears to hover. Look to this website for future updates.

Video clip (2.41 mb)
Videographic digitization courtesy of Moonlight Systems

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The Border Patrol in Deming has been reported to be using an Aerostat type blimp. This explanation has been investigated thanks to reports via email from people in the Deming area. Although it is not excluded from being possible, it does not appear to be likely. You can see from the pictures that the blimps are white and have large tail sections. The shape doesn't seem to match the video image although at one angle, I think the tail might be difficult to see and the payload might be invisible under certain conditions. The air seems clear in the video. There is a bright portion of the image that might be a tail section hiding on the other side.

The report below describes the object as being silver and having no tail section. It was early in the morning and maybe the sunlight caused this effect. Although the object's movement might be explained by the fact that the Aerostat is tethered to a jeep that could be moving, it would seem unlikely that it could travel fast enough to challenge truckers on a highway. In the video it is steady and doesn't bounce as if attached to an off-road vehicle. We do not know what kind of Aerostat is used in the Deming area. It may have a different shape. This would explain the missing payload, different color and missing tail section. At this time, I think, there are too many problems with this explanation but it will not be excluded from possibility. The object does nothing to indicate that it could not be man-made but we are unable to identify it at this time. See the interview below for more information.

On July 6th MUFON Investigators, Mel Podell and Paul Cook, met with Bill Sauter and interviewed him. The original tape was obtained and copies have been made and will be computer enhanced. We are hoping that the images will be improved enough to see a shape to the object. Below is a portion of the transcript from the interview.


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