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Regional Encounters: The FC-Files

By Francis L. Ridge
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The book, "Regional Encounters: The FC Files", is a 170-page,fully-illustrated (8-1/2x11) perfect binding book covering the best close encounters in the region since the turn of the century. The six-state region covers Missouri to Ohio and Indiana to Tennessee. The book covers the entire sighting period from before the turn of the century, to the present day.

The book includes the MADAR UFO detection study conducted from 1970 to 1991. Reports include some of the best encounters ever reported, including the case where a train was stopped by a UFO in 1973, and one where a man suffered from possible radiation exposure, and many incidents of jet chases.

Francis L. Ridge is a 37-year veteran researcher with NICAP, MUFON, and CUFOS.

Please take a look at the online introduction to the book here.

Shipped priority mail in the U.S. at $23.00
Foreign $30.00, First Class

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Francis Ridge
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618 Davis Drive
Mt. Vernon, IN 47620


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