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The purpose of Orion is to investigate UFO sightings in San Diego county as thoroughly and objectively as possible. Sighting reports that are sufficiently valuable may be published by the Center for UFO Studies' International Reporter and the Mutual UFO Network's Journal. Orion has been investigating UFO sightings in San Diego county since 1987 and sponsors a local UFO hotline 760-753-2456. If you live in the greater San Diego area and would like more information, leave a message on the hotline and you will be contacted promptly.

Orion is especially interested in sightings where electromagnetic effects have occurred. For example one October afternoon not so long ago a call was received that a metalic saturn-shaped object was repeatedly flying over homes on the outskirts of the rural town of Ramona. According to the several witnesses who called while the object was making these maneuvers, it changed from ruby red to bright white and occassionally landed on a hill nearby. Although most of the observers were too excited to speak coherently, a sixteen-year-old girl followed an Investigator's instructions to listen to the interference on her family's television and radio sets. Also on his instructions, she found and watched the behavior of a small magnetic compass. She reported over the telephone that the compass needle finally lifted off it's pivot when the object flew overhead. Unfortunately, by the time another Orion member reached the area the strange object had been chased away by jet aircraft from the nearby Miramar Naval Air Station. Clearly, this is an important case because of the large number of witnesses and the multiple electromagnetic effects that were reported.

If you know of any UFO sightings where electromagnetic effects, such as a compass spinning or malfuntioning, have been observed we would like to hear from you. Please contact the Orion Hotline number at...

760-753-2456 ...or write to:

PO Box 15044
San Diego, CA 92175 ...or Email: Orion at

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