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MUFON San Diego Newsletter
September 2010
Vol.15 No.5


SUBJECT:Bimonthly Forum--Historical UFO Events, Paranormal UFO topics and experiences, and personal UFO experiences.

SPEAKER:Patty Ross and Linda Berry


About Bimonthly Forums--These forums are a platform for discussing UFO topics of interest to both long-time followers of the subject as well as newcomers to the UFO field. It is the purpose of these forums to provide stimulation of thought relative to specific topics. And it is hoped that attendees will interact in these group discussions for maximum benefit to the group. Attendees with personal UFO experiences are encouraged to discuss these at the meetings or plan to give a lecture at future forums

There has been a demand by attendees for monthly meetings. And also requests for more emphasis on paranormal and spiritual aspects of the UFO phenomenon. In order to better serve such interest, Ed McBride has been appointed MUFON SD Assistant Section Director. Ed will preside over meetings in alternate months (Feb, April, June, August, October, and December.

In this September Forum Patty Ross and Linda Berry will give presentations on UFO topics more on the paranormal and spiritual side.

Linda Berry is the speaker for both the October 17th and the November 21st meetings. In her presentation "Investigating Unidentified Alien Entities (UAE's) - Communication and Protection from Unknown Inter-Dimensional Beings" Linda will present and address some of the more controversial aspects of the UFO phenomenon, that being the energetic and psychic effects of the conscious, sub-conscious, and super-conscious communication between humans and non-human intelligence. She will describe her personal contact experiences that include numerous UFO sightings and communication with Unidentified Alien Entities (UAE’s) and will share valuable energetic protection techniques involving contact of any kind with Unknown Inter-Dimensional Beings.

DATE:Sunday, September 19 at 4:00-5:30 (optional dining) and 6:00 PM (lectures) which are complimentary.

Please note 1) Food is optional at our meetings and 2) Please refrain from asking questions of speaker until end of lecture unless speaker specifies otherwise. Meetings are complimentary.

Location: Sizzler Restaurant, Banquet Room
Address: 3755 Murphy Canyon Rd. , San Diego
Directions: I-15 exit at Aero Drive,
Go West 1 or 2 stops to Murphy Canyon Rd
Turn right at Murphy Canyon Rd.
and right again into parking lot below.
Sizzler is on South side of center
Meeting is held in the Banquet Room at the back of the restaurant.

News and Announcements

At the recent New Earth Expo held in August in San Diego, Ruben Uriarte, MUFON State Director for Northern California held a workshop on his recent published book, The Other Roswell. Your MUFON SD Sec Dir. met with Ruben and inquired about a recent Coast to Coast interview involving Ruben and Kevin Randle which discussed the book and answered questions moderated by George Noory. Kevin made a statement that he had checked Air Force records and could not locate any for the Colonel Willingham who is the basis for the storyline in the book. Ruben informed me that he has reviewed the research on Colonel Willingham and has determined that the facts in the book still hold true. Ruben later challenged Kevin Randle to a debate on this subject but Kevin declined to participate in a debate.

Yvonne Smith

An upcoming Coast to Coast show with George Noory will feature an interview with Yvonne. She has toured worldwide on the subject of abductions and is the author of books on the subject. She has also lectured to our local MUFON SD group.

Upcoming Events

Sept 10-12 Paranormal Symposium at Angel Fire New Mexico

Sept 18 Lecture by Preston Dennett on Unidentified Submerged Objects for Phoenix MUFON at Vision Quest Bookstore in Scottsdale AZ at 1:30 PM






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