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Last summer one early afternoon I saw one balloon type object in the sky looking west from Bay Park which is west of Clairemont in San Diego, California. It was not bobbing at all like all other balloons that I have seen. First seen due northwest or slightly more north, it moved at uniform speed to a west by southwest location in 7 minutes where it remained stationary for 3 minutes and then became smaller and smaller as if traveling directly away from me. The manner in which I lost sight is puzzling. It did not become so small that I could no longer see it as would be expected . It became one with the blue cloudless sky as if the entire atmosphere of the earth was actually always between me and it. Also, it was not a micro organism in my eye. In the past I had been fooled by naturally occurring organisms that exists in everyone's eyes. The object was extremely clear and distinct. Two dozen or so horizontal and an equal number of vertical thin black lines meshed like a perfectly shaped net were apparently on the uniformly orange surface. I was unable to discern the depth but guess it was spherical or possibly tunnel like. I looked closely but saw no internal movement. Did not seem to be a manufactured object. After 5 minutes of seeing nothing, it or an exactly similar object went through the exact same routine . The entire experience lasted at least 20 minutes and maybe 30 minutes. No sounds. No witnesses. I was in the shallow end of the swimming pool the entire experience. The angle above the horizon was 45 degrees , or maybe a little more. I remained calm except each time the object stopped moving frightened me. No exhaust. Slept well that night. I felt vulnerable. Surface area 40 % of full moon or slightly less. The orange color was beautiful and of high quality.

signed JCW

Anyone knowing anything about this contact Mel Podell at

Bill Sauter, a local San Diego area truck driver, was on his way back to CA, passing through Deming, New Mexico when he heard talk on his CB radio about an object in the sky. Bill told Channel 10 news in San Diego that he always carries a camcorder with him and so he was able to get footage of the object before, he said to a news 10 reporter, " just picked up speed and, was gone." In the same interview he described it as "...something out there that was not an airplane and wasn't a blimp." He also said: "It looked like a 747 but without wings and without a tail section." The original tape has attracted the attention of National TV and is currently being pondered by them. MUFON of San Diego will continue the investigation on a local level and has not had a chance to interview any of the witnesses. If you know anyone who has seen this object or was in Deming, NM on Jan 31, 1998 at 6:45AM please contact Mel Podell at

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