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In January of 2001 John Greenewald, Jr. of The Black Vault spoke to us about the problems associated with FOIA (Freedom Of Information Act) documents. The Black Vault located at the URL with the designation was created and constructed by John who began this endeavor at the age of 15 in August 1996. Initially the site had a 5 megabyte storage capacity but has now increased to over 1 gigabyte of online storage. Throughout the sites there are now over 5 gigabytes of data. The Black Vault internet site has as its main purpose and objective the acquisition of information through the utilization of the FOIA. The FOIA had its inception in the 1960ís with the introduction and approval of legislation. Considerable information which was kept secret from the public for long periods of time has been acquired through the FOIA and subsequent changes. With this tool John Greenewald, Jr. has unlocked a large number of secret files. Many are in the category of UFO related files.

In this picture Terry Luallin, a retired nuclear physicist lectures on the subject of the forbidden sciences and contrasts them with junk science. Sometimes the media and the public prefer certain results from science and don't want to accept more recent studies that contradict common opinion no matter how conclusive the results. The lecture was very informative. Terry formerly worked on a submarine and so had plenty of time to read and was versed in "forbidden" history as well as "forbidden" science. The meeting was held on January 19th, 1998 at Carrows in the Mira Mesa section of San Diego. We hope to hear more from Terry in the future.

On May 18th, 1998 Edward McBride, ex USAF Radar Operater, gave a lecture on the subject of Egyptian Hieratic (Script) written on ostraca (broken pottery) which was used to send messages, as well as for business, in ancient Egypt and it's relationship to UFOS. Mr. McBride believes that UFOs are linked to the past and that there is a higher octave that we are still discovering about them. He is a fan of E. A. Wallis Budge who wrote several books on the subject of Egypt and Hieratic. He became interested in Hieratic about 8 years ago. The first book he read on the subject was by Jaroslav Cerny, called Hieratic Ostraca. The book was about two and a half by three feet and 3/4" thick. It was the largest book he had ever seen. He has since learned to read and write in Hieratic and has given his pets Egyptian names. His interest in UFOs however goes back to 1957 when he was stationed at Las Cruces in the 685th aircraft control and warning squadron. In the fall, one evening about 8:pm, he picked up a craft north of Roswell on the radar scope. It was painting bright and cutting asimuth and range, traveling toward Los Alamos at about 18,000 miles per hour. This was coming from the wrong direction to have been from White Sands. Someone suggested that it might be a meteor but it was not dropping and painted across the entire screen. According to regulation 200-2 it should have been called in but the crew chief did not. This bothered Ed so much that he has been interested in UFOs ever since. Since this meeting he has uncovered more interesting writings about Egypt. See the page about his Orion meeting.

On July 20th, 1998 we heard from Curtis Peebles on "Stalking the Elusive Crash-Retrieval Aircraft Accident Sites and Their Implications for Roswell" © Copyright 1997

On January 17th, 1999 Curtis Peebles spoke again on Hunting The ZEL © Copyright 1999

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