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Orion Meeting - Ed McBride, Egyptologist

Orion Meeting on Sunday, April 9 at 5:00 pm

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Edward McBride, ex USAF Radar Operator, is a student of Egyptian Hieratic, (Script) written on ostraca (broken pottery and limestone slices) which were used to send messages in ancient Egypt and it's relationship to UFOS. The last time he spoke, he had translated what me be one of the oldest UFO reports. This time he comes back with more translations and reports of an event in ancient Egypt. Ed is a member of Orion and MUFON and was recently featured on FOX news. He can read and write in Egyptian Hieratic and has given his pets Egyptian names. His interest in UFOs however goes back to 1957 when he was stationed at Las Cruces in the 685th aircraft control and warning squadron.

Since his last lectures to MUFON and Orion, he has discovered other documents related to this sighting and there appears to have been a committee formed at the time to discuss it. Every morning he spends three hours working on Hieratic documents and his pets have Egyptian names and only respond to Egyptian commands. Ed has collected various Hieratic and Hieroglyphic texts related to the same incident and has included them with his interpretations and translations in an 80 page document for which he hopes to find a publisher. Ed's work has been included at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford England.

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