Edward McBride, Sunday, May 2, 1999

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Edward McBride, ex USAF Radar Operator, is a student of Egyptian Hieratic, (Script) written on ostraca (broken pottery) which were used to send messages in ancient Egypt and it's relationship to UFOS. He is a fan of E. A. Wallis Budge who wrote several books on the subject of Egypt and Hieratic. He became interested in Hieratic about 8 years ago. The first book he read on the subject was by Jaroslav Cerny, called Hieratic Ostraca. The book was about two and a half by three feet and 3/4" thick. It was the largest book he had ever seen. He has since learned to read and write in Hieratic and has given his pets Egyptian names. His interest in UFOs however goes back to 1957 when he was stationed at Las Cruces in the 685th aircraft control and warning squadron. In the fall, one evening about 8:pm, he picked up a craft north of Roswell on the radar scope. It was painting bright and cutting asimuth and range, traveling toward Los Alamos at about 18,000 miles per hour. This was coming from the wrong direction to have been from White Sands. Someone suggested that it might be a meteor but it was not dropping and painted across the entire screen. According to regulation 200-2 it should have been called in but the crew chief did not. This bothered Ed so much that he has been interested in UFOs ever since. Click on image for higher resolution

One of the Hieratic documents identified as an "Invocation to a Demon" that Ed has discovered doesn't appear to be as its title implies. After translating it himself, he found that it appears to be a report of something seen in the sky, that the scribe (apparent author of Hieratic text) was unable to identify. It appears to be written in a hurry, according to Ed, and was probably missidentified due to the way it starts out; hail to thee destroyer of destroyers. If a further translation had been made, it would probably have been identified as something else. Ed says that it doesn't have the same qualities as other religious documents of the time. He is continuing to study this and is attempting to make contact with others whose expertise might shed some light on this interesting mystery. This may be one of the oldest UFO reports. Ed's work has been included at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford England.

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