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Get that thing away from my eye

- Letter from Loyd Pye -

Hello, Everyone:

Well, it's happening again. I am going to be on the Art Bell show with Art himself this coming Tuesday night, Jan. 25th [2000] (early Wed. morning). I presume I'll come on at the usual time, beginning the second hour, which is 11:00 pm Pacific time and 2:00 am Eastern time. By now you should know your local station that carries the show, or at least how to listen in via Real Audio if you prefer to do it that way.

We will be discussing the Starchild and its recent DNA test results,the dissemination of which I did not handle well, so many people have been left with the impression that the Starchild is a male human and that's that. This is not correct. Therefore, a big part of what I will be trying to do is clarify the results in a more descriptive fashion, which I was not able to do in the update on the website.

To help bolster my case I will be bringing on two experts who support the possibility that the Starchild is not entirely human. One is Dr. Paula Gunn-Allen, professor emeritus from UCLA who specializes in North American Indian culture, a part of which is what are known as "The Star Husband Stories," which throughout the totality of the Americas (North and South) are known as "The Star Being Legends." This should be a fascinating addition to the show relative to the "Gods of Cholula" aspect of the Starchild story, so I am sure you will enjoy hearing the details of what Dr. Gunn-Allen has to say.

The other expert will be Dr. Ted Robinson, a cranio-facial plastic surgeon from Vancouver, BC, Canada. For those of you who have read the website update, yes, this IS the gentleman who wanted to remain anonymous to protect his extensive surgical practice. Now, however, considering how important this appearance on Art's show could be to the Starchild's cause, he is willing to "come out" to try to help.

Dr. Robinson will talk about how he initially felt as I did, that the Starchild could not possibly be a deformed human, but he could not be sure until he rechecked all relevant textbooks on deformities. After that analysis (similar to the one I did here in New Orleans, though I'm sure his "official" access made his more comprehensive), he was convinced that his first impression was correct: the Starchild was not a "natural" deformity.

After that he began bringing colleague specialists from the Vancouver area to examine the skull, and what he found when they examined it was precisely what I kept experiencing when I would take it to similar specialists (other than Dr. Robinson and a mere handful of others).....

Well, let him tell his version of it and I will tell mine. I hope you all can either listen in live or catch the show when it is archived. I think it is going to be a good one, and I hope it leaves Dr. Robinson and Chad Deetken (the two men taking over as leaders of the Starchild Project) with enough money to get further testing done. Let's hope so!

Lloyd Pye


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