Lemon Grove sighting

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On November 16th, 1973 at about 7:00 pm two 11-year-old boys were walking through a back yard lot, taking a short cut home, when they found a dark object about 11 feet high and 12 feet in diameter. At first they thought it was a water tank. "We were puzzled" said one of the boys "because we'd been there a few days ago and the 'tank' wasn't there". The boys stood about 15 or 20 feet away before moving closer. When one of the boys rapped it with a flashlight, green lit "bolts" around the circumference and a large red light on top began blinking and the object began to rise while making a wailing noise. As the boys began to run away they felt like they were running in slow motion. One boy reported: "It felt to me like I was trying to run underwater". The last that they saw, it was disappearing into some clouds in the southwest.

After their parents reported the incident to the Sheriff's dept., someone there contacted E Herr, D Carr and N Davis of Precision Monitoring Systems. The next day they examined the field where the saucer had landed and found that the tall grass was swirled in a counterclockwise direction. It was as though something had blown it down. Holes were found, perhaps left by the spindly legs. They were six to eight inches in width and depth. The ground was hard and something, too heavy for the boys to have lifted, had left the marks. For several nights following the incident UFO investigators canvassed the neighborhood and interviewed about 50 people. A number of people reported intense television and radio interference at the time. Two adult witnesses reported seeing a large lighted object take off from the vicinity of the lot. People also reported dogs howling at the time. The boys were frightened enough to be beleivable and never changed their story. Two professional artists drew the picture on this page after interviewing the boys. Orion would be interested in talking to the two of them again.

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