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journey of a Demon

Report of an anomaly in the skies over Egypt
Approx: 29 July 1203 B.C.

by Ed McBride
Copyright 2000

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Ostraca II: Message

  1. Get thee back S-hakk coming forth in the sky!
  2. He seeist with his front.
  3. His two legs are at tail end.
  4. He eats Ta cakes from under him.
  5. His power (kepesh i.e., animal leg, propulsion) of the west is in his traveling.
  6. His eastern power is in his reaching out (extending authority)
  7. He is fear to the gods of Neterkhert.
  8. To snare (or net) is thy power.
  9. When thou leaves thou returns.
  10. Thou snatches or grabs ears.
  11. Thou sealest mouths.
  12. Thou cut tongues.
  13. A Holy Father of the temple, a holy one among those of Annu.
  14. Thou shalt not fall from thy exalted hand.
  15. Born at night, in daytime often (or all hours)
  16. It was he in god form of (a) son of Isis (sa ast).
  17. A blood relation of Asar Unnefer (Osiris Unnefer).
  18. Repeating "Hail to thee" bring him back.
  19. Thou showest thyself as the (lion type fierce-eyed god) Hesa son of Bast.
  20. With his wrecking, overturning, casting out with thy body (!?)
  21. Thou changes thy skin....(!?) Before these Lords of Annu.
  22. Thou cuts, cause destruction in coming forth in the sky.
  23. Thine eyes! Behold thee (with) thy front!
  24. The tongue of thee (allows one to grasp) who thou art.
  25. Thou eats Ta cakes from under thy body.
  26. Hesmimi the name of thy mother.
  27. Rebel the name of thy father.
  28. When thou appears before man in the west, east, north, and south (of the sky), the gods...
  29. ..... (broken) thy power in the west.
  30. "Reaching out to carry off" who thou art.
  31. "Departer" thy name by (the ability of) expelling thy body.
  32. (broken).......(poss) thy soul ..... to give thee a name of evil.
  33. Do not thou travel to (the city of) Tettu.
  34. Not (may be seen) thy front to (the city of) Abtu.
  35. (Because) you caused flooding at Thairr (Tharr?)
  36. (signed) Behent Metet, Staff of the Unseen Horus.

Ostraca II: Analysis

Hardly a greeting as in Ostraca I. This shows awareness of demon's deportment. Get out of here! would be a current equivalent. "Coming forth in the sky" shows this is not scribe Kaii in Ostraca I as he said "coming forth from Sept." The two scribes (Ostraca I and II) used tebt in the same sense, the frontal area with eyes. The use of two eyes is rare. The anomaly must have had two points of illumination or more. Face with eyes (lights); rear with legs (power). Only by being perceived as lying prone can the entity "eat Ta cakes" below him. "His power (kepesh i.e., animal leg, propulsion) of the west is in his traveling." This statement and the following establish a west to east movement. Neterkhert would be the home of the gods equated to heaven. Literally he was a definite threat to all established religions of Kam-t. People or animals were taken. Entity moved around sky, was witnessed subsequent times. "Thou snatches or grabs ears." is another way of saying capturing, taking. "Thou sealest mouths." To cause victims to go into shock? Perhaps abject fear, or inability to discuss incident. First [it] appeared at night but [was] observed at various times of the day. [There was] a daytime appearance in front of key witnesses of authority. [The demon] appears at random, in multiple places and cardinal points; and again concern about the gods.

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