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journey of a Demon

Report of an anomaly in the skies over Egypt
Approx: 29 July 1203 B.C.

by Ed McBride
Copyright 2000

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The Scribes (Intro)

  1. Scribe "Kaii
    writer of "Ostraca" approximately 1203 BC
  2. Scribe "S-nefer"
    A court clerk/scribe used as a time correlation for Scribe "Kaii"
  3. Scribe "The compiler"
    Writer and assimilator of said event from multiple sources. The compilation was probably initiated and produced immediately after the event within weeks, while memories of all were fresh. The original record, in effect the basis for "Ostraca II" is today lost but was carefully copied by Scribe "Behent" some thirty years after the event. The copy "Ostraca II" was an updated and more comprehensive effort based initially on "Ostraca I", though much more extensive.
  4. Scribe "Behent"
    A stone carver of words turned novice scribe. This scribe copied the work of Scribe "The Compiler". Scribe "Behent" was not responsible for the message content of "Ostraca II"; he simply copied.

Ostraca I: Message

Video (1.82 mb)
Videographic digitization courtesy of Moonlight Systems

  1. Hail to thee S-hakk coming forth from Sept.
  2. With his front doth he see.
  3. With his jaw he eateth upon Ta Cakes from the right or west
  4. By striking out he giveth the evil eye. ("stretching out")
  5. They are doomed; the star gods.
  6. See him live with his (front) ..... (broken).
  7. (broken) ..... mysteries in the southern sky; he is fear.
  8. (As in?) The mountains, the strong lions meet - but who, what?
  9. (Not?) The soul of Shata, the name of .....(broken).
  10. (broken) ..... unknown
  11. Thou goest away .....

Ostraca I: Analysis

Initially greeted with awe as a god. The name S-hakk implies: To destroy; to pierce; a being having the personification of torment; the embodiment of evil. "Coming forth from Sept" is a clever way of saying appearing at or near the helical ascent of Sept, or Sirius in the heavens (approximately 29 July). The entity has an eye or eyes at front end. This being at night, the eyes would be lights. In Kam-t, human jaw was depicted as being in two pieces. The lower appendage, extending below front of entity, described as a tongue. Ta Cakes signified round flattened bread or cake, at times oval in form, and were the objects perceived at a distance being drawn up into the "mouth" of the demon. The nighttime view of the very bright lights, would, coupled with the fear of the unknown, qualify as evil eye. Stretching out seems to indicate a light beam but could simply mean brightness. "They are doomed, the star gods": Compared with S-hakk and his overwhelming appearance, the other established stars seem dwarfed. This also implies a presence. "See him live with his front", Lit: How can one deny his presence, his reality? Note plural mysteries. Can the Ta cakes be something else? Southern sky signifies Kam-t of the south; Northern sky, Kam-t of the north. Lit: (As in the) mountains, the roaming lions gather (but) like, what, who, (is this?). Ba Shata, translates genuine, or plausible soul. The name of....., a reference to some religious entity or explanation. To sum up: He is not the soul Shata. Clearly the scribe was running out of candidates to identify S-hakk with. .....Thou art leaving

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