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journey of a Demon

Report of an anomaly in the skies over Egypt
Approx: 29 July 1203 B.C.

by Ed McBride
Copyright 2000

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Scenario, Ostraca I

South in the land of Kam-t City of Uast, the rumors had been surfacing for two days. Whispers from cracked lips, an uneasiness in the scorching winds. Finally on the evening of the ascent of the star Sept, heralding in Shemut the season of inundation it happened. Scribe Kaii, a student at the House of Life, Temple of Horus Son of Isis, saw it. Almost at the same time temple servant Set did too. Two intense piercing lights hanging motionless in the clear night sky.

The two young men climbed to the roof to get a better look. But not before Kaii grabbed his scribe kit; Set an oil lamp. Filling the thirsty ink cakes, drawing forth two papyrus pens while Set lit the lamp, the scribe began to document on a small piece of limestone all that was before him. Set trembling in fear, his arms raised in fright as if to blanket away the glare from the heavens. This Kaii did in red ink. Switching pens he wrote skillfully with his left hand all that he knew and what he saw by flickering lamp of what the people were calling S-hakk, new usurper of the ordered heavens, the "Super Disrupter" or "Destroyer" as his name implied.

Like two glowering eyes, the lights were like no other; hovering unmoving and menacingly low just above the horizon. One could feel its presence, its hot stare like a lion in wait. For half an hour the unknown entity sat, then unhurriedly began to move away into the distance.

The following morning, Kaii took the information he recorded to the temple priests who hastily convened a service at the rear of the temple, near the sycamores. They placed incense, symbolic arrows and weaponry on the linen covered table of offerings, the meaning of which was totally lost the scribe. By mid morning people of the city began to arrive, the other witnesses to that event in the heavens with their "Ta" cakes as offerings in hopes to placated the demon S-hakk.

Scenario, Ostraca II

Thirty years later and sixty miles to the south of Uast, in the Hespt of Thes Hertu and east of the city called Teb, lay the temple of Horus of Behutet - the place known for centuries as Netchem' Tchem Ankh (pleasant Life). In the hidden chamber known as Mesnet, just behind the sanctuary, a stone carver turned novice scribe by the name of Behent found something new to copy. Deep at the bottom of a large-necked jar lay a piece of limestone with writing. Wiping the dust from its neglected surface, he slowly began to duplicate the message onto another stone in intricate hieratic script, all that had been recorded so carefully thirty years earlier. A demon in the heavens above the holy cities of Annu and Uast, the two centers four hundred miles apart. There were other cities mentioned.... Things cited it had done - what did it mean, this thing of evil? And why was this piece of limestone so well hidden?

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