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journey of a Demon

Report of an anomaly in the skies over Egypt
Approx: 29 July 1203 B.C.

by Ed McBride
Copyright 2000

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Names of Cities and Hespts:

All cities and hespts (provinces) used in this report have their original names. Names currently used are Arabic. Past names used by American and European historians and linguists of the 1700's to current were names the ancient Greeks applied or modified from original Egyptian names and actually represent the later Ptolmaic (Greek) period only. There is a movement to revert to original name usage, something [for which] I am in agreement; the original names of Kam-t were used for thousands of years and should be properly recognized and utilized.

Gods: Affected Deities

Amon-Re, temples of:

Re the sun god of Annu (originally of Syrian extraction), incorporated into Amon, dominant god of Uast, becoming Amon-Re, thus uniting the two religions.

Osiris, Isis, Horus, temples of:

One of the oldest religions of Kam-t, possibly based on real persons in the dim prehistory, Osiris (Asar), Isis (Ast), and Horus (Heru) figure very much in this report and are necessary to illustrate the scribe's point of view. Briefly this is the belief: Osiris and Isis, man and wife ruled. Osiris had a brother Set. Set, hating Osiris, tricked, murdered and eventually dismembered him, scattering body parts all over Kam-t. Legend has it that many cities were recipients for said parts. Isis, the good wife, roamed the country, collected all the parts and by some unknown method, conceived a son, Horus, from her dead husband's remains (shades of DNA). Horus as a young man attempted to avenge his father's death by seeking out his uncle Set.

Bast, Ari-Hes, temples of:

Bast, a lion headed goddess, early worshipped as cat goddess. Later periods as lion goddess identified with moon. Name signifies Bair Ast, soul of Isis, i.e. personification of the soul of Isis. Associated with god Sept. At city of Ta-n-tarrt she was mother to god Ari-Hes, who dwelt in temple of Bast of said city.

Ari-Hes: Lion god, son of Bast. Present at cities of : Aat Ab, Ta-n tarrt, Tebut, poss: Bair ast in north. Name signifies "to terrify with the eye". The evil eye of Ari-Hes was well known. Statue of Ari-Hes at Ta-n tarrt possibly lit inside allowing eyes to glow and frighten in darkness. I base this assumption on effectiveness of cats eyes reflected at night by, say a torch or bonfire. Multiply this greatly with a lion involved and you will glean "evil eye" meaning in regards to Ari-Hes being like the Demon S-hakk, which appeared at night.

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