Jerome Clark Lecture, Oct 10, 1998

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On October 10th, 1998 Jerome Clark spoke to Orion members and visitors about his UFO encyclopedia and new book The UFO Book. The original version of the encyclopedia (three volumes) sold for about $300.00 US. Clark said "apparently my publisher assumed there were alot of rich Ufologists out there". Subsequently, the new version of the encyclopedia is in two volumes and sells for about $140.00 US. The updated version does not have less information in it as it is printed in a smaller font. Clark spoke primarily about UFO history and folklore. He said that many people are afraid to say "I don't know" and so, are not willing to approach the UFO subject. Science deals in measurements and repeatable experiments and Folklore deals in traditional beliefs. The largest part of Ufology deals in credible people telling incredible stories. Clark believes it is OK to say: it is possible to experience some things (extraordinary phenomena) without going any further. In other words, you don't have to know what happened, or qualify why, or whether, it is possible. Upon hearing about the Sturrock Panel, he said: "that was exiting". He said to himself "This is a good day". This was the first major look at UFOs since the Condon Committee, which he felt was contradictory. They determined that UFOs were not worth investigating while the evidence they presented said otherwise. Clark said: "Condon proved the existence of UFOs from my point of view". The questions that followed were all answered well and lasted as long as the lecture and, in many ways, were more entertaining. We thank Jerome Clark for his willingness to speak dispite the apparent jet-lag he was suffering and the missing luggage. When asked where his luggage was, he replied: "I don't know".

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