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Date: September 4, 1971
Time: 0825 local
Location: North central Costa Rica
Camera type: R-M-K 15/23 (Aerial format, professional)
Lens: 6" (fixed), f 5.6
Exposure: 1,500th second
Film: Kodak Safety, aerial, type 3665, 80 ASA, B&W, fine grain


Costa Rican government airplane flying at 10,000 feet above ground level. There were no eyewitnesses to this UFO. The image was discovered later during film processing. Object appears to be near lake surface. The photo shows what appears to be a boundary layer on the object and indicates the object is disc-shaped and either entering or exiting the lake. An estimate of the size of the object based on the lake size and the object's apparent position near the surface indicate it would be about 1,000 feet in diameter. Additional information: Haines, R.F., and J.F. Vallee, "Photo Analysis of an Aerial Disc Over Costa Rica", Journal of Scientific Exploration, Vol. 3, No.2, Pp. 1113-131, 1989. (Courtesy: Dr. Richard Haines)

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