Rev. J. Edward Burn, Rel. D., MFCC:
San Diego MUFON Secretary

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In jr. and sr. high school Ed prepared for a career as an aeronautical designer or an architect. On January 3, 1945, a month before his high school graduation, he joined the Navy to specialize in electronics. The day he was sworn in, his next oldest brother was killed in an auto accident in Texas. In his words "That brought the issue of life after death very much to mind. That experience of loss pushed me to find answers in a daily reading of The Bible". After a year and a half in the Navy he entered UCLA as a pre-architectural student and then changed his major to history with a minor in Greek. He met his wife, Joyce, there. After graduation he worked for McDonnell Douglas Aircraft in Santa Monica as an engineering draftsman. It was there he met Bill Smith. * According to Ed: "He told us about things he saw in a top secret hangar at Northrop Aircraft Co. before he transferred to Douglas Aircraft". Bill and Ed continued to be active in pursuing UFO information. According to Ed: " the extent of being part of a newsletter and budding organization called CSI (Civilian Saucer Investigations). We eventually turned our findings into Project Blue Book; established by the Air Force". Ed was brought up in Glendale, CA. with a Christadelphian influence from his grandfather. He eventually joined the liberal First Babtist Church of L.A. and then transferred to a church in S.C. . His pastor in S.C. loaned him a book called "Your God Is Too Small" 1 which had an influence later when he attended Andover Newton School of Theology near Boston in 1956. He says "I had my mind even more opened to new information with my UFO conviction locked neatly into my subconscious." . Ed was also influenced by Whitley Streiber's book Communion 2 . Ed is currently a retired United Methodist minister living in the San Diego area. In this picture Ed speaks to the group on the religious implications of UFOs.

* Note to Bill Smith: If you are still living, please get in touch with MUFON - San Diego and Rev. Ed Burn. Stan Freidman would like to interview you.

- Rev. Ed Burn

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  2. Streiber, Whitley ---Communion Morrow

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