Abduction Books

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  1. Barry, Bill ---Ultimate Encounter Pocket Books
  2. Fowler, Raymond ---The Allagash Abductions Wild Flower
  3. Fowler, Raymond ---*The Watchers Bantam (Hard cover)
  4. Fuller, John ---The Interrupted journey Dial Press, Dell, Berkley
  5. Hopkins, Budd ---*Missing Time Marek
  6. Hopkins, Budd ---Intruders Randam House
  7. Jacobs, David ---*Secret Life Simon & Schuster
  8. Lorenzen, Coral & Jim ---Abducted Signet
  9. Mack, J. E. ---Abduction: Human Encounters with Aliens
  10. Streiber, Whitley ---*Communion Morrow
  11. Walton, Travis ---Fire in the Sky Marlowe

General Books

* Most highly recommended

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