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Jan Aldrich

Project 1947


David Adair
Peter Davenport
Dreamland Resort (home of the Little A'Le'Inn in Rachel, NV)
Eric Elfman
Joseph P. Firmage
Norio Hayakawa (Area 51 conspiratologist)
Eve Lorgen (The Love Bite)
Clark C. McClelland (Netscape 3.0 or IE 4.0 or higher)
Michael D.Hitt
Jill Tarter (Project Director, Phoenix / Principal Investigator, VTT, Phoenix)

Art Bell

Art Bell (coast to coast)

Mark Cashman

Project 1947

Jerome Clark

Jerome Clark (Ufomind)

James Easton

UFO World

Jose Escamilla


Other Rod Information:

Can Rods be explained?
Sol's Rod Sequences

Stanton Friedman

Stanton Friedman
Stanton Friedman - (UFOMIND)

John Greenwald, Jr.

The Black Vault

Richard Hall

Richard Hall
The UFO Evidence: Volume I, 1964, Edited by Richard H. Hall
The UFO Evidence: Volume II, A Thirty-Year Report, Edited by Richard H. Hall

Richard Hoagland

The Enterprise Mission

Budd Hopkins

Budd Hopkins
Intruders Foundation

J. Allen Hynek

J. Allen Hynek (Ufomind)

Bill Knell

Bill Knell Homepage
Bill Knell (Ufomind)

Phillip Krapf

The Challenge of Contact by Phillip Krapf

Linda Moulton Howe

Linda Moulton Howe

Dr. Roger K. Leir

Aliens and the Scalpel

Ed McBride

Journey of a Demon by Ed McBride
: Report of an anomaly in the skies over Egypt
Ed McBride Lecture (April 9, 2000)
Ed McBride Lecture (May 2, 1999)

Chuck Missler / Mark Eastman

Chuck Missler
Mark Eastman

Jason Martell

Jason Martell's Research Network

Steve Neill

Steve Neill's Special Effects

Jame Oberg

James Oberg (Homepage)

Curtis Peebles

Curtis Peebles on "Stalking the Elusive Crash-Retrieval Aircraft Accident Sites and Their Implications for Roswell" © Copyright 1997
Hunting The ZEL © Copyright 1999

Jeff Rense

Jeff Rense Homepage


Edward J. Ruppelt

The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects

Whitley Strieber


Erich von Däniken

Erich von Däniken
Erich von Däniken (Ufomind)
Mysteries of the World
AAS RA (Archaeology Astronautics & SETI Research Association)

Travis Walton

Fire in the Sky

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