Incident at Fort Benning

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Incident at Fort Benning
Timeless Voyager Press

John Vasquez, a San Diego county resident, has spoken to both Orion and the San Diego UFO Society. He describes an incident, which he remembers from September of 1977, in which he remembers a lot of strange things including a UFO attack. He remembers as many as 1300 troops being involved and all experiencing trauma as a result. John Vasquez underwent counseling, regression therapy, and hypnosis to deal with these memories. His commitment to the investigation of these disturbing memories has led to a great deal of personal time spent collecting evidence that the incident occurred.

After 15 years of research, John and co-author, Bruce Stephen Holms wrote a book and included collected government documentation, taking up about a third of the book. Although I have not personally investigated this case, I have met John and talked with him more than once and believe he has had some kind of experience. It is possible that he was part of an hallucinogenic gas experiment of some kind. It is also possible that he was part of a real UFO attack, government simulated or otherwise.

As we find more evidence of water and/or life on Mars, it is less controversial to suggest that there have been interactions with extraterrestrial intelligences. The Drake Equation is altered each time we find that life is more prevalent than previously believed. Nevertheless, this incident is extraordinary in more than one way.

John remembers large groups of soldiers being transported instantly from one location to another without warning or reason. He remembers everyone falling asleep in formation while standing after a bright light passes them, silently, over a runway. He remembers injuries from beams of light that left red burns with yellow dots. He has collected evidence that fourteen soldiers were hospitalized for measles during an outbreak in September of 19771. This would seem unlikely as he says everyone in the army at that time was vaccinated against measles. At the same time there was a test program called JAWS 2 (Joint Attack Weapons Systems Test) which, in an article from the Ledger, is called "...Battlefield of Future." Many more such documents are included in the book.

Although I believe that something happened, there is no reason why this couldn't be explained as the confused memories of a victim of hallucinogens. He has located a couple of other people who he remembers being there and none have been willing to talk about it that he can currently locate. Most of the soldiers he remembers were sent away after the incident and those he can find are not able or willing to help him locate the others. His search is difficult because much of what happened is probably classified. He is open to the possibility that there is a terrestrial explanation for all this, but determined to continue searching for the truth till he finds it. His book is entertaining and although many of the actions taken by himself and the other soldiers are questionable, the circumstances are extraordinary, if he remembers them right. He also hopes that the book and any mention of his experience will trigger a memory in one of his buddies and that they will contact him with any additional information.


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